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Openly sharing ideas and strategies to challenge the tyranny of routine

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Hi, I’m Robert Egger and i’m here to fuck shit up.


I’ve been working for change for 30 years, and time and time again I've seen valiant people and bold ideas fall by the wayside because of the tyranny of routine. That's why I'm now dedicating myself to using all my energy, love and knowledge to help bust through. If you want to explore the power of food to nourish AND liberate, I'll be there with you. If you're a young entrepreneur who wants advice, I'll help. If you want to talk policy changes, how we can start a new philanthropic revival or organize nonprofits to maximize their political rights, I'll join you.


Here’s what I bring…

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I founded the D.C. Central Kitchen, the Campus Kitchen Project, and the L.A. Kitchen, which have collectively produced over 45 million meals and helped over 1,500 individuals attain jobs. I was the founding Chair of the DC Mayor's Commission on Nutrition and Street Sense (Washington's homeless newspaper), and I served on the Founding Board of FoodChain - the National Network of Prepared Food Programs, World Central Kitchen and Kitchens for Good. I was the Co-Convener of the first Nonprofit Congress and the Founder of the CFoward PAC. I also wrote the award winning book, Begging for Change, and I’m an international speaker, receiving dozens of awards over the years for my ideas and work. I’ve been named a Point of Light, an Oprah Angel and a Washingtonian of the Year, and I made it on the Nonprofit Times list of the Most Powerful & Influential Nonprofit Leaders from 2006-2009. And last but not least, I’m a 15-gallon blood donor with the American Red Cross.

So what are you waiting for? Let's fuck shit up!

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Don’t be afraid to bust the mold. Sometimes, the first can follow, and the last can lead. Leadership isn’t about followers; it’s about empowering others to lead.
Charity is about the redemption of the giver, not the liberation of the receiver.
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I challenge leaders of my generation to take a knee for a younger generation to climb up on our shoulders.
The nonprofit sector has an inferiority complex that manifests itself all the time in the form of weak thinking, silo-centric organizing and submissive politics. In short… we should be roaring, yet we purr.

How can I help?


I want to be of service to the next generation of entrepreneurs, bold thinkers and badasses. Got questions?

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